Italian Revelation of the Day:

"Giurisprudenza" comes from "Juris Prudentia."

Laude Cristo.

I am Hobbes in a world full of Aristotelean radicals.

The earth, in fair and grateful exchange, pays back to the moon an illumination similar to that which it receives from her throughout nearly all the darkest gloom of night.
Galileo, The Starry Messenger

Is it inappropriate to use emojis when e-mailing professors?

Flirting with Erica
Me: Wow! I really like your cat sweatshirt!
Boy: Thanks, it's a picture of my friend's dead cat. They sold these sweatshirts to raise money for the funeral.
Me: Oh, that really appeals to me.

A lot of Don Quixote’s “afflictions” are reminiscent of modern day geek culture.

I’m currently reading chapter 24, part one, and the fight between Cardenio and Quixote regarding Queen Madásima is straight out of reddit.

Reading the book in this light gives me way more sympathy for Quixote’s character–he’s a fangirl.

Non è possibile.

Non è possibile.

There is no kind of death to kill the sands that lie so meek and still. But man is great and strong and wise–and so he dies.
Louis Untermeyer

I like to use “le mot juste” inappropriately in writing. 

My professors think i’m an idiot, but I always feel like a rebellious artist.